Our local community has been extremely supportive of our growing endeavor, and we wanted to give back. We’re boaters on a mission to build better boat protection, so what better way to give back than by providing premium protection to the masses? 

With huge gratitude to our Southwest community, IMPACT recently donated and installed over 135 lineal feet of dock bumpers. There are many world-class lakes to explore within a short(ish) drive of our world headquarters in Durango, Colorado. We landed on two of our personal favorites, not to mention most frequented: Lake Nighthorse and Navajo Lake.

The IMPACT team arranges custom-made dock bumpers on the municipal dock at Lake Nighthorse in Durango, Colorado

By the Numbers

At the Lake Nighthorse municipal dock, we donated and installed:

  • 13 custom-made, IMPACT dock bumpers
  • That’s over 100 lineal feet of padded, durable boat protection
  • 9 hours of install time (three people working for three hours)

At the Two Rivers Marina, operated by Colorado Parks and Wildlife at Navajo Lake, we donated and installed:

  • 9-foot IMPACT dock bumpers for each side of the gas dock
  • Four bumpers for the launch dock (in 2020)
The finishing touches are applied to donated IMPACT dock bumpers installed at the fuel dock at Two Rivers Marina at Navajo Lake which straddles the border of Colorado and New Mexico.


No more scuffing and scratches to boats refueling at Two Rivers Marina at Navajo Lake.

These installations were unique as both the City of Durango and the owners at Navajo wanted to minimize permanent attachments (aka screws) into the dock tops. We worked around metal and wood segments of the docks, as well as upright poles on the waterside. Where typically, IMPACT dock bumper attachments are completely hidden by a fold-over design, we instead used a wraparound technique. That accommodation means a slightly less sleek appearance, but with far fewer permanent screws into the existing dock. 

Dock bumpers installed at Lake Nighthorse
The adaptable design of our custom crafted IMPACT dock bumpers were a perfect match for the needs of the City of Durango’s municipal dock at Lake Nighthorse.

It’s a testament to the versatility of our dock bumpers for nearly any application challenge. Bonus: Boaters and marinas leave IMPACT dock bumpers out year round in many areas of the country. For our climate, the dock and marina managers can quickly and easily remove the bumpers to clean and store them for winter.  And the most important part? Even with the adapted install methods, there is absolutely ZERO sacrifice in the premium protection IMPACT dock bumpers provide for your boat, raft, friends and family. 

Co-founder and CEO Brian Slaughter installs dock bumpers
Brian Slaughter, Co-founder, CEO, Master Craftsman, Laborer, Custodian, Welder and Boater following his passion of helping boaters on Lake Nighthorse.

Launching, docking, fueling up, picking up kids, and every dock-side aspect of a day at the lake just got easier and less stressful. Thank you to our phenomenal Southwest community! We hope the bumpers help to make your days out on the water that much more fun and worry-free. 

With love and appreciation, 

Brian and Courtney

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