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Why our products are different

Impact Proof, Easy to Store, Multiple Uses, Look Amazing, Won’t Roll Off On Impact and Maximum Protection for Your Boat and Dock!


The Idea

Impact has re-designed the boat fender and dock bumper to better fit the needs of today’s boat owners.

Impact is a company founded by Brian and Courtney. They are lifelong water skiers’ and boat owners. Between them they have come up with marine products that will take the boating industry into the 21st. Century. Through many hours on the water and dedication to their passion for skiing and the marine industry, they are changing the look, feel and quality of Boat fenders and Dock bumpers, fastening systems, along with other innovative ideas to make life on the water a little easier.

Our products are designed with the most innovative materials, highest quality and American made craftsmanship available today.

Impact Fenders integrates a closed cell recycled foam interior wrapped with a PVC coated polyester shell. This all encompasses a pliable interior to mold to any hull design. Our fastening system connects with polypropylene webbing through stainless steel grommets and then finally to our custom cleat on your boat. Everything is adjustable and form fitting to your boats hull for years of protection.

Our products protect your investment and at the same time look amazing and are simple to use.

The Image

Why we look so good …

Reinventing the Fender

“Consumers want all the toys, like integrated Bluetooth connectivity, wave-shaping devices, integrated GoPro cameras, upgraded finishes, convenient board storage and incredible audio quality,” said Mastercraft Boats President and CEO Terry McNew.

We’re adding IMPACT FENDERS to that list of must have items

Proud Member of the Association of Marine Industries (AMI)



What clients are saying…

  • “It’s about time!  What a great idea!"

    Steve J. Restaurant Owner
  • “Impact built me custom Dock Bumpers to match my Awning and they look so awesome and they protect both my boat and dock.”

  • “Stuck in a windstorm on Lake Powell my 2018 Malibu LSV was getting slammed against our houseboat. I had three Large Impact Fenders between them and there was absolutely no damage to either boat. We love these things.”

    John W. CEO

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