White IMPACT Boat Fender on Pontoon boat next to old style fender

Do IMPACT Boat Fenders Really Cost More Than the Competition?

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It’s true. A pair of IMPACT Boat Fenders cost more than some of the standard cylindrical boat fenders out there. We don't mind stating that upfront because with IMPACT, boaters get premium materials and craftsmanship. And we always stand behind our quality and durability. 

But before we jump into the value that IMPACT gear provides, we have a quick math challenge. 

Do IMPACT Boat Fenders Really Cost More Than the Competition? 

IMPACT Boat Fenders, Piling Bumpers, Dock Bumpers, and all of our other gear has a secret weapon: our materials. 

Test after test and year after year, the outer material for IMPACT gear doesn’t scratch gelcoat or paint

How does a scratch-free experience affect price?

Since IMPACT gear doesn’t scratch your boat, IMPACT Boat Fenders don’t need fender covers. 

On top of that, IMPACT Boat Fenders come with a Silicone-covered Cam Strap Attachment. The line to attach most cylindrical fenders is sold separately.

Add up the cost of a decent quality cylindrical fender, a fender cover, and line. You’ll see that not only is IMPACT competitive in overall price, we often come in under the biggest name brand. 


IMPACT Boat fenders cost less than cylindrical boat fenders and provide better value


What about the fender holder? IMPACT fenders don’t need one. IMPACT Flat Boat Fenders are easy to stow onboard, and they can be used as a seat rest or backrest when you’re out on the water. Cylindrical fenders take up a ton of storage space or clutter the floor of the boat, which is why so many boaters (especially sailors) take on the added expense of a fender holder. 

Boom. Another potential savings with IMPACT!

An Affordable Investment to Protect One of Your Biggest Investments 

IMPACT stands for quality and durability. You can expect years of service and top-notch protection from our gear. The outer PVC-coated polyester material is resistant to salt spray, saltwater, UV fading, oil, mildew and many chemicals. 

Not only will an IMPACT Boat Fender protect your boat for many years to come, it will also look good while doing it. 

A tear is highly unlikely due to our material’s high tensile strength and puncture resistance. But even if the outer material were to take a blow, an IMPACT Boat Fender will still be 100% effective at protecting your boat. Our interior material is closed-cell foam, which doesn’t absorb water and won’t lose shape. 

On the flip side: If an air-filled boat fender gets punctured or torn, you’re left with a useless balloon and your boat is left unprotected. 

So when you weigh the cost of protecting one of your biggest investments, it’s worthwhile to consider the simplicity, the ease, the effectiveness, and the longevity of your options. 

We’re biased, of course. But we think you’ll find IMPACT gear to be competitive in cost, and off the charts in value and long-term investment. 

Experience the difference of IMPACT Boat Fenders

It’s time to expect more. IMPACT delivers.