Made in Colorado and Made in USA icons for IMPACT Boat Protection

Impact Boat Fenders: Made in Colorado

IMPACT is proud to make all its gear in the USA.

Durango, Colorado, may be better known for its historic narrow gauge train and endless mountain bike trails than as a powerhouse in marine manufacturing. But we wouldn’t count on that for long. 

IMPACT Boat Protection is coming on strong! We are the leading marine product manufacturer in Durango. Okay, we’re also the only marine manufacturer in our landlocked town, but let’s not quibble over details. 

We’re not seriously challenging the century-old train for dominance. Truth? The “Iron Horse” has a solid hold on the crown. 

We are serious–and seriously proud–that all IMPACT boat fenders and dock bumpers (and all of our boat protection gear) are 100% manufactured in Colorado. Every piece of boat protection we sell is handmade right here in our shop near the banks of the mighty Animas River.

Located on the edge of the San Juan Mountains and the high, red-rock desert, Durango was our home long before Impact was even a glimmer in our eyes. We hatched the humble idea to completely revolutionize boat protection while we were boating on Navajo Lake, one of five significant lakes within an hour’s drive. (The waterskiing is spectacular, if occasionally a bit cold, in every direction!) The boating culture here is as passionate and fun as anywhere we’ve been, and we’re happy to say our Durango roots keep growing blissfully deeper.

It’s important to us that other small businesses also have the opportunity to thrive. To that end, we purchase our product components from distributors in New Mexico, California, and right around the corner in Durango.

When you hang an IMPACT Boat fender on your boat or an IMPACT dock bumper on your dock, you’re doing so with the knowledge that it was made with love in America. Durango, Colorado, to be precise. 

Happy boating! 

Courtney & Brian