Center console boat in motion across light blue water

It’s Saltwater Season and IMPACT Fenders are Ocean Ready!

It’s Saltwater Season and IMPACT Fenders are Ocean Ready!

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It’s Saltwater Season and IMPACT Boat Fenders are Ocean Ready!

As freshwater boating season winds down (at least for those of us who are landlocked or in the northern latitudes), we Coloradans are ready to indulge our growing sailing obsession with some Caribbean Westerlies. That’s right! It’s saltwater season, baby!

For many captains of sailboats, center consoles, and cabin cruisers, you could easily argue that saltwater season is year-round. But we know you wouldn’t rub it in, right? 

Especially in the warmer climates, we don’t think anyone is going to argue with the ideal weather and wind patterns that winter brings to Southern California, the Gulf of Mexico, Hawaii, Florida, and the Caribbean.

When we launched IMPACT, we knew we wanted to build the best boat protection for all types of vessels. We were ski boaters with a curiosity about sailing and an unabashed support for any time spent on the water, in any type of boat. As we’ve traveled the country going to boat shows and meeting this wild, fun, sophisticated, and passionate extended family of boaters, our commitment to the needs of each boating category has only deepened. 

As saltwater season amps up, the number one reason to choose IMPACT fenders and bumpers are because they provide the best protection for your boat. Period. (For more details, read this.) Here are a few more ways IMPACT fenders are upleveling boat protection for saltwater sailboats, center consoles, and cabin cruisers.

    1. PVC-Coated Polyester is tough as nails. PVC is chemically inert and super resistant to salt corrosion and sun fading. It’s similar to the material most dinghies are made with. With a minimum of care, it’s not going to become brittle in our lifetimes. Honestly, that’s not too different from the marine grade vinyl used for most of the old school cylindrical fenders. Where PVC really shines in its high strength to weight ratio. This means our fenders are sleeker and lighter weight for equal or superior protection.  
    2. No inflation or compressor or pump necessary with IMPACT boat fenders. Many of the leading brands of cylindrical fenders need to be inflated. That means: extra steps, extra gear and extra vigilance around their effectiveness if those old-style fenders are over- or under-inflated. IMPACT fenders are ready to deploy straight out of the box, with no additional steps, pumps, or compressors.
    3. Rust-free grommets. Our grommets are stainless steel so they’re strong, durable, and won’t rust, even in the briny air and saltwater of the ocean.
    4. Multi-use in minimal space. Because IMPACT boat fenders are flat, they’re easy to stow, singularly or together. Sailors, especially, know this is a significant benefit when space is tight. Even better, IMPACT fenders can serve double, triple, and quadruple duty due to their shape. Extra seat cushions? Check. Knee pad for working on the engine or in a tight space? Check. Floatie toy for water play?* Check. Backrest at the helm? Check.
    5. IMPACT boat fenders provide a more sophisticated aesthetic. Why destroy the sleek lines of your Beneteau or clash with custom paint on your Boston Whaler with ugly fenders? IMPACT fenders flex to the shape of your hull for a low profile, maximum protection look. Plus, with 10 colors to choose from, you choose if your statement is subtle, bold, or somewhere in between.
    6. No gel coat scratching or color transfer. We’re in the boat protection business, which means we’re concerned with every threat to your boat’s pristine nature. Test after test and year after year, IMPACT fenders have shown zero gel coat scratching and zero color transfer. (For a deeper dive into gel coat questions, click here.) Boat in confidence that your choice of sunny yellow fenders won’t ever rub off on your all-black hull. 

For premium boat protection in freshwater AND saltwater, IMPACT is the top choice for effectiveness, performance, innovation, and downright good looks. 

Thanks, and we hope to see you at the ocean soon!

Brian & Courtney