Stacks of IMPACT boat fenders in production

We’re Growing!

New IMPACT shop and offices ramp up capacity for increased demand


New IMPACT Shop and Offices Ramp Up Capacity for Increased Demand

We’ve moved! We’re still firmly grounded in Durango, Colorado, just in a brand new (to us) facility. In April 2021, we packed up our original shop and moved into a space nearly twice as big! Technically, it’s 175% bigger, but who’s counting?

We are beyond grateful to our fellow boaters! Thanks to you, those who share our vision for a better way to protect your boats, we’re growing like mad. This new space gives us the room to continue to deliver top quality at a faster pace and bigger scale.

Our growth is a testament to how well IMPACT premium boat protection gear works. More boaters, more marinas, more dock owners, more sailors, more pontoon owners, more captains, and more cruisers are choosing IMPACT with the confidence of knowing our products are proven performers on the water.

Here’s how this move affects you, our awesome IMPACT community:

  • Our expansion allows for faster production, which means we can get your IMPACT products to you a little bit quicker.
  • We now have the space for a brand new cutting machine, which is increasing productivity by about 25%.
  • The climate-controlled shop means less waste and tighter quality control. The heat welding we use requires specific calibration, so reliable ambient temperature is a huge benefit to achieving our bomber weld every time.
  • We can scale up production for our growing retail partner network, so you can support your local marine shop and place IMPACT protection on your boat or dock the very same day!
  • A better shop layout and more space make for a far more comfortable working space for our production and packaging team.
  • We have an exterior lift elevator that our kids (and our backs) love! That doesn’t affect your IMPACT gear, but it keeps everybody here in a better mood.
  • And importantly, we now have room to hire more people that are as passionate about delivering a premium product as we are. We’ve already increased the size of our team from two to 10! Six of those positions are based here in Durango, Colorado.

As we continue to grow and to develop new boat protection products, know that our North Star is unwavering. We make the highest quality, premium boat protection available. Period.

We never cut corners when it comes to your marine investments. IMPACT gear will continue to be handcrafted until a machine exists that can do it better than we do. In the meantime, we’re able to increase efficiencies in our production by adding certain tools–like the cutting machine–that make it faster to achieve the crisp and consistent quality we’re known for.

Thank you to everyone who trusts IMPACT gear to protect your boat. This move feeds our mission to make time on the water safer and worry-free. We appreciate you.

Happy boating!

Brian and Courtney