Rainbow array of IMPACT bendable boat fenders

Coming Soon to a Retailer Near You: IMPACT Fenders!

Boaters love local marine stores, and we do too.

Coming Soon to a Retailer Near You: Impact Fenders! 

Shout out to distributors, independent sales reps, and retailers!

We are beyond excited to announce that we’re looking for retail partners! Sailors, powerboaters, pontooners, jet skiers, and boaters of all kinds will soon be able to purchase Impact fenders and dock bumpers directly from their most trusted source: their local marine store. 

We’re growing rapidly and we’re excited to partner with you. If you want to sell one the most effective, attractive and innovative boat protection on the market, call us

The next goal is for boaters to have the convenience of walking into their local shop and walking out with Impact fenders in hand. 

The mantra for this program happens to be one of our guiding principles: “Stay flexible.” There are some things we’re rigid on, like quality, integrity, and respecting our community. But when it comes to boat protection and business operations, we believe flexibility delivers the best results.  (Get it? Impact fenders bend to the shape of the hull.)

For our potential new partners, flexibility means, “Let’s talk!” Bring us your partnership ideas and we’ll share our own. How can Impact support you in providing the hottest fender on the market, a reliable profit center, and exceptional sell-through? 

If you want a protected territory, cool, let’s talk volumes. You want higher margins, sweet, so do we! That’s a little joke, but the point is:  let’s grow together. 

Of course, we have some policies and guidelines, but we’re open to negotiating because we know it’s not easy to run a business today. We also know that your success is our success. Though we’re growing, our business is still nimble enough to go with the flow and always factor humanity into our decisions. 

  • IMPACT boat fenders are the first significant innovation in boat fenders and protection in 50 years. They’re effective, durable, attractive, and multi-use.
  • If our year-to-year growth is an indicator, we have achieved proof of concept. Our June YTY sales saw a 1,344% jump in sales. No, we’re not sharing the numbers. (Spoiler alert: They’re good.)
  • Consumers are driving this demand. They love our product! Sales have increased in the middle of a pandemic and with no in-person boat shows for over five months. 
  • With our recently launched Private Label program, we’ll custom brand fenders and bumpers for your store, your event, or just about anything you want. 

We’re boaters who love to shop at marine stores. We know that your customers turn to you for expert advice and that ultimately, you’re the best ambassadors for our brand. Which begs the question….

What are we bringing to the table? 

  • A hot product that is revolutionizing boat protection for EVERY boat that floats.
  • Sell-through. Since we launched, we’ve been hitting the boat show trail hard (when they were open, that is). Faces light up when they see, touch, and test the product in person. We’re confident our brand will be a reliable profit center for you.
  • Commitment and flexibility. We’re small enough that when we say we care about our human relationships, we mean it. We’re committed to your success. 
  • Low minimums. Higher volumes=better discounts.
  • Our small and scrappy marketing team is laser-focused on building brand awareness and market share.  A sampling of what we do: attend boat shows of all sizes, social media and social media advertising, pro athletes sponsorships, affiliate marketing, this blog, and public relations and media outreach.
  • A dealer locate feature is ready to launch on our website as soon as this wholesale/retailer program gets off the ground.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty. Our products are backed with a generous warranty to give you and your customers peace of mind. Fun fact: Our products are built so well and perform so  well that no one has yet to take us up on it!
  • Transparency and open communications. Just like most manufacturers today, we sell via our own website and through our Amazon store. To ensure every customer has an equally great experience and that our retail partners are on a level playing field, we’re developing MAP and equal pricing policies.

If you’d like to partner with Impact fenders and dock bumpers, give us a call!  Together, let’s give the people what they want: a better way to protect their boat.

Thanks and happy boating!

Courtney & Brian