Gray IMPACT bendable boat fenders on Mastercraft boat on calm water

5 Ways IMPACT Boat Fenders Outperform Traditional Boat Fenders

It's time for an upgrade.
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Take a look at nearly every boat fender review and you’ll begin to see a distinct pattern. They’re all subtle variations of the exact same design. And the craziest part is that fender design hasn’t changed for nearly 50 years. 

Until now. 

Since we launched IMPACT Fenders in 2019, most boaters have been excited to finally have an alternative to the standard, clunky old fender. What else in boating has gone half a century without a design upgrade? Even vintage boat owners upgrade technology and accessories to safeguard their boats and their families. 

The difference between our boat fenders and old-style fenders is immediately evident in the design. And it’d be easy for us to hide behind IMPACT’s good looks. The sleek silhouette is a selling point. But beauty is more than a PVC-coated polyester shell. It’s about performance and protecting your investment. 

 The top five ways IMPACT Boat Fenders outperform traditional boat fenders:

  • IMPACT Boat Fenders won’t roll off on impact. The cylindrical shape of traditional fenders all too often means they roll with the punches. Rectangular Impact Fenders absorb the contact and stay put. 
  • IMPACT Boat Fenders provide more protective surface area and absorption upon impact. Round fenders are filled with air. So when pressed (like between your gunwale and a dock), the displaced air has nowhere to go other than to push your boat away from the dock. Impact Fenders are filled with recycled, closed cell foam, which absorbs the pressure and disperses the energy across the entirety of the surface area. The results: more surface area contact and less movement of your boat while docked.
  • IMPACT Boat Fenders are easy to stow. Once again, it’s in the shape. They take up less space and easily adapt to wherever you place them. Of course, they’re also great floats, knee pads, and extra cushions. So you may choose to fill your stowage with treats and water toys, and make your ride more comfortable with IMPACT.
  • IMPACT Bendable Boat Fenders (medium size) mold to shape of your hull. Our medium, bendable boat fenders have a pliable, moldable interior. No tools are necessary. Just attach the fender and apply gentle pressure for a fully custom fit. Or don’t. Pressure from a dock will achieve a similar outcome. It’s no problem if you swap fenders from bow to stern, the fenders can simply be reshaped to fit. (Available in medium fenders only.) 
  • IMPACT Boat Fenders are available in 9 colors. We only said we wouldn’t hide behind IMPACT Fenders’ beauty. We still believe those good looks are an upgrade from boring, old traditional fenders. We have a beautiful navy blue and a bold black to fit your style. But for those interested in a bit more expression, we offer seven other brights and neutrals to choose from.

We know IMPACT Boat Fenders work because we’ve put our own boats on the line in all of our R&D. Plus, brands like MasterCraft and pros across the industry agree.

But even though we obsess about making the most effective and innovative protective gear on the market, we don’t mind if you don’t think about boat fenders much at all. 

IMPACT exists to provide you with the peace of mind that your boat is protected with the most effective gear to hit the market in 50 years. With that assurance, you can enjoy every moment of your boating day. (It's just a bonus that IMPACT gear also means you'll look really good doing it.)

Happy Boating!

Brian & Courtney