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Wondering why IMPACT Fenders are the best?

We Answer FAQs: Fender Edition

We Answer FAQs: Boat Fender Edition

We’ve been to tons of boat shows, and we talk to fellow boaters every chance we get. Plus, through our developing vendor network and colleagues in the marine industry, we’re coordinating with the most experienced and savvy boat pros around.

There’s one constant: y'all ask great questions.

And answering them is serious business. We put our products to the test so you can have confidence that your boat (a.k.a. your investment) is safe and secure on the water.

IMPACT has an entirely new approach to protection, prioritizing: premium materials, handmade craftsmanship, exceptional durability, and never compromising on style. Every choice we make is intentional and aimed at better security, less stress, and more fun..

Our patent-pending boat fenders are made of heavy-duty, PVC-coated polyester, which is lightweight, extremely tough, puncture-resistant and has impressive tear strength built into the layers. In addition, all our boat fenders have welded seams, making them extremely durable and long-lasting for the best boat fenders on the market today.

Want to know why IMPACT Boat Fenders are the best on the market? Here are the questions we hear most frequently:

What is the outer material on IMPACT gear?
The outer material for all of our protection products (boat fenders, dock bumpers, piling bumper pads, and specialty products) is 32-oz, PVC-coated polyester. Unlike a PVC pipe, which you may be familiar with, this PVC (poly-vinyl chloride) coating is smooth and flexible. There’s a very slight texture to the touch, which makes it easy to manage when wet or dry.

PVC-coated polyester is a super-high tensile strength material that is waterproof, UV-resistant, and extremely durable against friction, punctures, and well…impact. For perspective, it’s often used as an industrial material for awnings, hydraulic hoses, sports flooring, commercial tents and fabric structures, and even space vehicles!

We got the idea from river rafting, where the raft materials withstand heavy loads, hot sun, cold water, tons of friction with gear and raft frames, and significant forces from powerful, jarring rapids as well as occasional impact with–and scraping against–boulders in the river. Bottom line: This material is tough and it’s built to last.

As opposed to inflatable boat fenders or traditional round boat fenders, our flat, boat fenders are enclosed with high density, closed-cell recycled polyethylene foam. That means that our fenders can withstand repeated pounding without breaking down so that our boat fenders are durable and long-lasting for an exceptional value.

How does the outer material hold up to saltwater?
Great! PVC-coated polyester is mechanically and chemically stable in natural environments. You’d have to mix up a potent chemical mix to dissolve or alter it. While we’re at it, we’ll mention that PVC-coated polyester is highly resistant to dirt, mildew, oils and most chemicals, too.

What about sun exposure?
PVC-coated polyester is UV-resistant. It won’t lose strength or functionality in high temperatures.

A-ha! But will the cool, IMPACT colors fade?
PVC-coated polyester is very fade resistant. We have PVC-coated polyester gear that has spent nearly every day in the Southwest sun for over 20 years, and it still holds great color.

Is the material puncture proof?
We wouldn’t wear it to swim with alligators, if that’s what you’re asking, but it’s going to take at least 220 pounds of focused pressure to puncture IMPACT gear. That’s stronger than all but the most powerful dog bites.

BONUS: On the off-chance your IMPACT Fender does sustain a puncture hole, it’s still going to be 100% effective at protecting your boat. Unlike a traditional, air-filled fender that’s useless if punctured, our fenders are filled with closed-cell foam that will continue to absorb and disperse impacts. The PVC-coated polyester doesn’t fray, rip or tear (without significant force), so the rest of the fender’s integrity and functionality will remain intact until you can have it patched or replaced.

These aren’t covered with scuff marks like my old fenders. Does IMPACT gear require a lot of maintenance?
IMPACT gear is resistant to dirt, mildew, salt, UV and chemicals. Even with repeated bumps and friction and soaking, it’s going to look great for years to come.

That said, to get the best longevity and looks from your IMPACT protection, we recommend an annual (or semi-annual) wipedown with 303 Protectant. 303 also works for a quick cleaning, when needed.

Inside our patent-pending, medium bendable fender is a pliable material sandwiched between the closed-cell recycled polyethylene foam and then wrapped with PVC coated polyester. This provides a malleable boat fender that you can shape to your boat’s hull or around the gunnel. This means you can get the same performance from a low profile, form-fitting product without the large boat bumpers or big fenders of the past.

I already have too many fenders. Why should I get more?
Compared to old-school, cylindrical fenders, IMPACT Fenders: don’t roll out of place as you dock; the flat design makes them easier to stow; they’re versatile (as seat cushions, backrests, knee pads for working on your engine, and for floating fun); and they’re more durable than the old style.

We’re not advocating to buy more for the sake of buying more. We just know once you use them, you’ll appreciate the increased effectiveness, ease of use, and added benefits of IMPACT.

At IMPACT Fenders we know how precious storage is on most boats. Our flat design make stowing IMPACT Fenders fast and easy.

I’ve never seen that sort of cam attachment before. Why not just use line?
You can absolutely use line! Our fenders come with the silicone-covered cam attachment, but we also sell Top Knot line through our online store, if that’s your jam. You can also opt for line plus a Danik Hook, which is another elegant and user-friendly solution.

The Cam Strap is a heavy-duty fastening system. It has a rubber-coated cam buckle and webbing to protect your boat from scratches. They will easily fasten to any cleat, handle, tower, etc. They are recommended for larger boats (sailboats, yachts, houseboats).

The Cam Strap comes in two lengths: 3′ and 6′

We’ve found that most people who try the Cam Strap Fastening System really love it. The cam mechanism is stainless steel, so it won’t rust. The silicone rubber cover protects your boat from scratches. It’s an extremely strong attachment that’s easy for passengers and experts alike to manage.

Why are IMPACT Fenders more expensive than the old school fenders?
IMPACT Fenders cost more than the competition because we use premium materials and handcraft each item. To some people, this may seem excessive for an “accessory.” But our mission is to provide the highest and best safety and security for one of your biggest investments: your boat. Our gear may cost a bit more upfront, but we believe you’ll see the return through added confidence on the water, quality, durability and longevity.

Can you hang an IMPACT Fender sideways?
Sure! Our medium and large fenders have marine-grade stainless steel grommets on the top and the bottom, so you can add another line to the bottom. Or you can go directly for our Clamshell Boat Fenders, which have four grommets placed equidistant around the fender, and come with two Cam Strap Fasteners. Your choice!

Stainless steel grommets on the corners of IMPACT Fenders make them a breeze to mount horizontally. This example utilizes our Danik Hook Fastening System.

Will IMPACT gear scratch or transfer color to my gelcoat or paint?
Nope. We have rubbed, punched, scraped, and bumped IMPACT fenders and bumpers against boat surfaces on endless repeat, without any damage or color transfer. Safety and protection is our absolute priority, and as boat owners ourselves, we are equally focused on damage-free solutions.

Repeated testing proves that IMPACT Fenders will not scratch, scuff or transfer color to the gelcoat or paint of your boat.

What are the extra corners for on the fenders?
The corner material on IMPACT Fenders is strategically placed on the lower side of the fender, which will typically receive the most contact. It’s simply an added layer of toughness (and therefore: longevity) for the fender. We use calibrated heat welders to seal the finite edges of all IMPACT gear. It’s a bomber seam that we make even stronger by adding a second layer of material.


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