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How to choose the right boat protection

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All Boat Types

Sailboats, sport boats, wake surf boats, ski boats, center consoles, pontoons, cruisers, and even yachts and houseboats (up to 60 feet) are trusted to IMPACT gear. 

All waterways

IMPACT premium materials perform with reliability and longevity in freshwater and saltwater. Stainless steel grommets and a bombproof outer ensure it.

Many configurations

Whether you need a vertical or horizontal fender protection, a custom design, or a piling pad that can be adjusted to the tides, we've got you covered.

Sizing Guide

For Boat Fenders

14-24 feet

For boats 14 feet to 24 feet, we recommend our patent-pending bendable medium fenders, that flex to match your hull or gunwale.  

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25-60 Feet

For boats 25 feet to 60 feet, we recommend our large fenders. They are lighter weight and easier to manage than large, cumbersome inflatables.

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Clamshell Fenders are extra versatile, with more grommets to easily hang vertically or horizontally. They're especially suited for low profile deck boats.

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sizing guide

For dock bumpers and pilings pads

TIP: IMPACT dimensions for dock bumpers and piling pads reference the width, height, and thickness of the protective foam interior. Overall product dimensions are slightly larger.

Which size is right?

For bigger boats or higher traffic opt for thicker protection. Determine the size of protection by boat size, not by the size of the dock or piling.

Bump Confidently

Our Dock Bumpers are either 2 inches or 3 inches thick, and come standard in either 4.5 ft. or 9-ft. lengths.

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Pile On Protection

Small and medium Piling Pads are 1 inch thick and will flex around a piling. The large size is 3 inches thick and will not flex.

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sizing guide

for specialty products & Custom orders

IMPACT Boat Protection beach landing pad on sandy shore

Impact Landing Pads

IMPACT Landing Pads protect your hull during shore landings, to resist sand abrasion and to protect from hidden rocks and other debris.

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IMPACT Boat Protection huge boat fenders rafting houseboat and helper dinghy

impact Powell pads

IMPACT Powell Pads are essentially enormous fenders for houseboats, sailboats, and small yachts to raft up with other boats, or to dock a power boat or helper vessel.

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IMPACT boat fenders in varied colors floating on water

custom orders

Have a special consideration or preference? We welcome custom orders and we do them all the time!

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IMPACT's mission is to provide peace of mind on the water

Because it's easier to have fun when you know your investment is well-protected.