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IMPACT Boat Protection

Boat Fenders · Dock Bumpers · Piling Pads · Specialty

Ultimate protection. Premium materials. Absolute Style.

Fueled by a passion for boats, unified by a love of the water. Our mission is to provide your customers the peace of mind of knowing their boat -- and their investment -- is protected.

Orange IMPACT clamshell boat fenders hanging vertically on sailboat
Closeup of IMPACT boat fenders and silicone covered cam fasteners
Closeup of IMPACT Boat Protection red piling bumper pad installed

Partnering with impact means:

Premium product

✔ Superior protection & performance

✔ Premium materials and construction

✔ Easily-stowed

✔ Sleek silhouettes in 9 colors

Easy Partnerships

✔ Low inventory requirements

✔ Drop ship options & competitive margins 

✔ POS display with minimal square footage

✔ Dedicated sales support

Safety as a profit center

✔ The fastest-growing, most innovative, boat protection brand on the market

✔ Suited for all boat types (to 60') in fresh or saltwater

✔ Custom orders AND private labeling available

IMPACT Boat Protection salesperson George Muffick

Impact sales rep

George Muffick

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The IMPACT Difference

We should all expect more from boat protection. IMPACT delivers.

Ultimate Performance

✔ Recycled closed-cell foam interior absorbs and disperses contact pressure across the full surface area

✔ For freshwater and saltwater

✔ Won’t scratch paints or gelcoats

✔ Fenders don't roll away on contact

✔ Smoother docking than traditional fenders

Premium Materials

✔ Heat welded, ultra-durable PVC-coated polyester outer

✔ Off the charts tensile strength and puncture-resistance

✔ Resistant to UV, oil, dirt, mildew and salt

✔ Marine-grade, stainless steel grommets

Absolute Ease & Style

✔ Available in 9 colors and a sleek, uncluttered aesthetic

✔ Easy-to-use, silicone-covered cam fasteners come standard

✔ Fenders are easy to stow, with a host of versatile on-boat uses

✔ Limited lifetime warranty

Boat Fenders · Dock Bumpers · Piling Pads · Specialty

Dealer FAQs


Yes! You can find our MAP policy on this page.

Sure, we have those too! Call your salesperson at the number on the bottom of this page.

Want to dip your toes in the IMPACT waters with minimal investment? Email George for details.

We know that some customers are used to the old-style, cylindrical fenders, so it’s an easy, low-interaction sale. 

We’ve found that once boaters can interact with IMPACT fenders in person, they immediately understand the value. They touch, feel and punch (yep…to mimic an on-water impact) IMPACT fenders. The quality and toughness is evident. That said, we’re also refining our display units and sales tools to make finding more info easy! We’ll have QR codes linked to short, informational videos, images and videos of the products in-use, and links to helpful specifics. Plus, we’re here to support you, your team, and your sell-through. 

That’s easy: quality, durability, high-level protection, and longevity. Our products are handmade using premium materials to ensure bomber protection for years to come. Your customers invest love, time, and money in their boats. With IMPACT, they know that investment is secure, scratch-free, and protected.

The flat shape is ideal for double duty as a: back rest, knee pad, and cushioning in tight places (like when working on an inboard engine). IMPACT fenders float, making them fun for water play. Bonus: The flat shape makes them easy to store when not in use.

Impact Sales

George Muffick