IMPACT Trailer Bunk Pads in blue, installed


Trailer Bunk Pads

Custom made to order

$20 to $25 per linear foot

Available in all 9 IMPACT colors

Wraparound Bunk Trailer Pads

A better solution for trailering your boat has arrived!

IMPACT Boat Trailer Bunk Pads cover the bunk boards on your trailer, help to minimize boat vibration while trailering, and protect your boat hull from scratches.

Best of all: No more moldy and scratchy carpet to deal with! Our extremely durable and minimally textured outer material doesn't absorb water and won't catch sand and pebbles like carpet does.

IMPACT Trailer Bunk Pads work for wood, composite, or metal bunks. Attachment hardware is not included, but we're happy to recommend sizing and hardware specifications for each material.

*Bunk Pads are all custom orders. Please see ordering info below*

impact boat trailer bunk pads wraparound
impact durable boat trailer bunk pads
IMPACT boat protection 9 available colors: black, gray, white, admiral blue, royal blue, red, yellow, orange, teal

Available colors

Midnight Black, Anchor Grey, Classic White, Admiral Blue, Carolina Blue, Crimson Red, Venetian Yellow, Sunset Orange, Sea Green


✔️ Premium materials and heat-welded seams

✔️ Lightweight, extremely tough

✔️ Ultra-tough 32-oz PVC-coated polyester is resistant to UV (fading), salt, oil, grime and most chemicals

✔️ Marine-grade, stainless steel grommets every 8 inches for easy and taut installation


✔️ Built to last for years

✔️ Won't trap sand and gravel like carpet does

✔️ Won’t scratch paint or gelcoat

✔️ Recycled, closed-cell foam absorbs and minimizes vibration

More to lOve

✔️ Wraparound installation, like wrapping a gift

✔️ Choice of 9 colors to match your boat and personal style

✔️ Made in Durango, Colorado, USA

✔️ Resistant to UV (low to no fading), salt, grime, oil and most chemicals

How to Order Trailer bunk Pads

Trailer Bunk Pads are sold by the linear foot.

Prices average $20 to $25 per foot -- based on typical bunk sizes.

1) Measure length, width, and depth of each bunk board in inches.

• Our bunk pads wrap around like a present, so the more accurate the measurements, the better. 

• The closed cell foam padding (interior) will match the full surface area of the bunk. The flexible, 32-oz PVC-coated polyester outer fabric (exterior) will extend beyond all sides to wrap around the bunk and attach underneath.

2) Take a close look at how your bunks are attached to the metal support frame of your trailer. These measurements and notes will help us position the grommets (for installation) in the right places.

Note and measure where any cross bars or support bars intersect the trailer bunks. Measure in inches from the front (closet to hitch) of the trailer.

•Measure the width of the cross bars or support bars

• Also, take a peek under the bunk to confirm if there are any other metal parts or atachment points that might get in the way of screwing in a bolt or screw attachment.

3) Email us at: Include in your email:

• Size of each bunk you want to cover

• Include any notes and measurements on the cross bar or support bar locations (as noted above)

• Total number of bunks/bunk pads - just to be sure

• Color preference

• Your shipping address and phone number

4) We'll work up the final quote, including a shipping estimate.

5) Three to five days after receiving payment, your custom bunk pads will be en route to you!

Enjoy a lower stress and smoother trailering experience thanks to the ultimate protection!

*Please note that due to the customizeation of these pads we do not offer returns or exchanges

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Your boat is an investment – financially and in fun! Trust it to the best boat protection available.

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